"When the Cat's Away, the People Will Play!"

Our Hotel


Catered to Cats

When the Cat’s Away is a relaxed, coastal cat hotel located in beautiful Pacifica, CA.

A Most Comfortable Experience

When the Cat’s Away features individual suites (3’x3’x7′ or 4’x4’x7′) able to house 1-2 guests with climbing shelves, ample bedding, and private potty box in each unit. We have 6 different rooms that house multiple, seperate units. Using HEPA filters and quality, whole building filtration, we ensure the air is clean and pleasant. The building is heated throughout, keeping it very comfortable in the winter time. In the summer, we make sure it never gets too hot! We feature a private lounge, a personal concierge staff, complimentary treats and beverage presentations throughout the day for our feline patrons. Personal potty boxes are cleaned whenever it is needed. We use Mavea Water Filtration for our guests’ hydration needs. Learn why here.

We do not believe in charging extra to give attention and play to your beloved kitty. When downtime allows, all cats are given as much attention and love as possible. Our small size allows for us to cater to the needs of every cat, even during our busiest seasons. Furthermore, our rate is charged nightly and there is no daycare charge for evening pick-ups .

Meet the Team

Inspired by her love of horses and working with animals in her youth, Donna worked as an Animal Health Technician at a veterinary hospital.  After 12 years of experience, she branched out and started Coastal Pet Sitters, the pioneer of such services in Half Moon Bay.  After some time, Dan and Donna decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, opening a cat only boarding facility - One of the first of its kind in the Bay Area.  They ran a successful, rewarding business for another 12 years serving thousands of cats, families, and owners on the Peninsula. When the Cat's Away is our family's latest venture into pet care, and is designed from the ground up to provide the best boarding experience for cats.


Donna Wilkins.


Dan Wilkins



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