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Boarding for Cats Only

When the Cat’s Away offers all inclusive boarding. There is no extra charge for attention, playtime and basic brushing. Cats are given as much time as possible in our two, large playrooms daily. The duration is dependent on how full we are, but we try to guarantee at least 30 minutes when we are at full capacity (That is, if your cat is comfortable in one of our playrooms). Often, cats prefer the seclusion of their suites. In these cases, we spend time with the cats where they are most comfortable. Brushing and petting them wherever they’d like! At no point do cats come in contact with each other unless they are staying together to begin with.

$38.00 per night. (Each additional cat from the same family, in the same suite: $18.00 per night, each.) Includes feeding, filtered water, maid service, entertainment and relaxation.

Extra Care Services

  • Three (3) or more prescription medications administered at a time: $6 per day. This does not include cats prescribed three medications given at different times throughout the day e.g., two medications in the AM and one in the PM.

  • Insulin, fluids and other injectables: $10 per day

  • Extra sanitary care; Including, but not limited to extensive daily cleaning, elimination pads, extra litter: $5 per day. Applicability determined by When the Cat’s Away.

  • Flea Control Administration (CAPSTAR®): $15.00

Why should your cat stay with us?

  • With over two decades of experience boarding cats specifically, we are highly adept at keeping your kitty safe and comfortable.

  • When the Cat’s Away is a small, fairly priced, boutique-style facility. Personalized attention is always given freely.

  • We excel at elderly cat care and with special needs cats. We can administer pills, fluids and injections in most cases. (When the Cat’s Away Elderly Cat Policy)

  • Most importantly, we love cats and we are proud of the service we provide.

Please note; We are closed on Sundays.